40 Prayers invite

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40 prayers for Nepal

40 days, 40 prayers.

As many of you know we are deeply connected to the Nepali community we have been supporting in Bandipur. We are thankful that they are safe, and we are grieving with them as they undoubtedly face losses of friends, family members, and must look to the difficult challenges of rebuilding in a country already crippled by severe poverty, challenging geography, and governmental instability.

When the earthquake hit, people of all faith backgrounds sent us e-mails of support stating they are praying for Nepal. In this same vein of love and kindness, we are continuing the momentum to send love and peace and hope to the other side of the world where so many are suffering.

We welcome you if you would like to join us in this time of prayer. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what to say, or what you believe. Have a look on our website under “40 days of prayer,” and if you are inspired, send us a prayer of your own which we will contribute to this collection.

If you are an artist or have been to Nepal, submit paintings or photographs via our papercastleart@gmail.com. We may place them up on the website or display them when we gather after 40 days.

If you are in Edmonton, gather with us on the 40th day as we reflect on this time, gather wisdom for knowing how to support this country in the days ahead, raise funding for disaster relief, read prayers, hear stories, and take in visual art related to Nepal or this difficult time.

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Exhibition of Work at the Bleeding Heart Art Space

I am so thankful to be exhibiting my work in the new Bleeding Heart Art Space on 118th Ave. It will be a nice weekend to take in the much loved Deep Freeze Festival, so feel free to brave the cold 🙂


It’s that time of year again. Frozen wind chapped cheeks, running to various places of warmth, away from the cold. A time when we are so subject to the whims of Mother Earth, we find ourselves aching for a warmer day—or for somewhere else, no matter where. My work reflects the angst I feel as these cold winds blow; driving me inwards to seek shelter, and in the same instant driving my very blood towards vital organs. It’s in winter that I truly wonder what is at my core. I draw from the Medicine Wheel as I ponder all I have to learn about the ways of these cold winds: how they can act as agents of change to shift and sculpt what is at my core. My work reflects concepts of winter from various vantage points: historical, Indigenous, aerial, philosophical, non-western, and traditional. In relation to my travels, it reflects the mercilessness of all the climates I have faced, in far flung corners of the globe, freeing me from the illusion that Canadian winter is always the highest ground for self-pity. Through INNER CORE I seek to ask the viewer to consider what aspects of their subconscious person are exposed and sculpted by the harsh winter winds.

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The Women

Hi friends!! It’s been a while since we’ve posted. I just wanted to share about a project that we’re working on entitled “The Women.”

In short, the project is a fundraiser to raise awareness and support for women who are facing a difficult reality. Local photographers in both Edmonton and Calgary have joined together to take portraits of donors. For a $50 donation you can have your photo taken and use it as you wish – for your business cards, for online purposes, etc. For an extra $100, you can have that photo turned into a painted portrait. All money raised goes towards two organizations: the first is CEASE Edmonton, a root cause organization that provides tools to help women rebuild their lives, heal from exploitation and sex trafficking, and create bridges over poverty. Funds are also going to IJM Canada, a human rights organization that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression around the world.

The Art Gallery of Alberta has jumped on board and will be hosting a three-week exhibition of the portraits in March, 2105, when the campaign ends. The grand culmination of the project will be March 8, 2015, which is International Women’s Day. There will be a fundraising event at the AGA that night, showcasing the portraits as well as special speakers and representatives from the partner organizations.

We’re all in this together. I’m so grateful to be part of a project where I can join hands with these women. I’m grateful that as we join hands we’re extending our reach to join hands with so many women around the world.

Check out the project at www.thewomen.ca. We’d be so grateful if you joined us or shared our story with women you love!


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The Unspoken: New Work by Marcie Rohr

Finally I have been able to complete and compile my work from 2013. I have explored themes of personal/mental retreat to our imaginary places. Have a look. E-mail me if you have a special place that feels safe from all judgment…or better yet, get out some paints and try to capture that space!

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Max is four years old. He likes to draw. He draws cats, and planes, and storms, and whatever he feels like drawing. One recent morning he decided he wanted to draw MONSTERS. Right after he started this new series, a family that we know got the devastating diagnosis that their little girl Kyla, who is three years old, has leukemia. Max and his mom got to talking about this, and about how cancer is pretty mean, and scary. Kind of like a monster. So many people we know have battled with or are battling with cancer. Right now it’s Kyla that we’re thinking of – and her Mom, Amber, who recently finished treatments for a brain tumor that she was fighting. So Max decided he wanted the proceeds of these artworks to help Kyla and her family FIGHT this awful monster.

We don’t always like to see SCARY art, do we? Some of these monsters look downright angry. But that’s how we FEEL when we hear about this monster, cancer, attacking our friends and neighbours and family members. So maybe it’s okay to see something ANGRY once in a while to remind us to stand behind these people in support as they fight their battles with cancer.

WHEN YOU BUY A MONSTER, A MONSTER MAGNET, OR A MONSTER CANVAS, the proceeds will go entirely to support people who are fighting cancer. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the MacNeil family to support them through their battle, and the other 50% will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Visit here to find out more about what they do.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PRICES LISTED ARE A SUGGESTED MINIMUM DONATION. If you CAN pay more, please do. Or, if none of the monsters are tickling your fancy and you’d like to simply make a donation directly to the MacNeil Family, please contact Max’s mom through this facebook page and she’ll give you any information you might need.

The MacNeil Family

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Fall Family Sessions

Well – our annual fall family photo sessions are just around the corner! Saturday’s forecast looks great. We’ll be shooting in the gorgeous Whitemud Creek Ravine – if you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send you an email with more details. Along with the one hour sessions at $175 (you’ll receive 35 – 40 edited photos), I’m also offering half-hour sessions for $85 (12 – 15 photos) for those who are just looking for a few photos for their wall or Christmas cards.

I have one spot left for the full hour or two half-hours so do contact me asap if you’re interested! So looking forward to working with another great group of families this weekend.

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Family moments

Take a peek through these images from a summer photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. This family is just brimming with love as they prepare to welcome another member of the family – “teeny”- very soon. It was a joy-filled afternoon. Even a slight sprinkle of rain didn’t put a damper on things, they just pulled out the umbrellas and kept smiling! I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to spend this time with them.

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Serendipity in the Secret Garden

I had the opportunity to photograph some stunning gowns in an absolutely breathtaking curated garden set up by Cory Christopher at Dasee Floral Boutique. It was an all-around fantastic evening, with gowns designed by the uber-talented Kelsey McIntyre for her Serendipity line. Have a peek.

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Cake Auction

Several years ago, my mom was the brainchild behind a creative fundraising idea for Shepherd’s Care, a local organization that provides housing for seniors. She thought it would be fun to auction off cakes, pies, and other desserts to raise money for the organization, to go towards things like a bus for daytrips, expansions or upgrades to buildings, or special equipment that the government wouldn’t cover the costs of. Now, six years later, the annual cake auction has grown in leaps and bounds. This year’s event raised just over $100,000! I’m very proud of my dear mom, and so grateful to have ben able to be a part of it. Here are a few of the pretty cakes that were auctioned off. I can’t wait until next year’s auction!

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